all aboard

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. This project has to be one of our favorites – not because of groundbreaking design, high tech bells and whistles, or massive budgets with which to play – but because of its simplicity, its focus on clean details, bright colors, and the overall transformation that occurred to a drab old building on the side of the highway.

The new Eastern Branch of the Floyd County Public Library is a testament to the magic that happens when a talented design team, a wonderful client, and a capable contractor join forces.

The original structure that sat on the Route 80 site was dated (and that’s an understatement), but the leadership in the Floyd County Library saw potential, and thankfully, our team was able to tap into that vision and make it a reality.

Simple concepts like bright colors, statement design pieces, and “fun” furnishings have brought character, excitement, and a vibrant energy to an otherwise simple design.

New photos captured by Lee Thomas help identify these simple yet effective interior design strategies.

We love finding evidence that it doesn’t take big budgets to make great projects… just great relationships and a great vision.