• fly

    We are officially just DAYS away from Mix On Vine’s introduction to the Lexington community!  Furnishings are going in as we speak – so be on the lookout for more updates from Mix on their Facebook Page.  My only advice will be to try and get to the door first, because I have a feeling […]
  • fleeting form of the pour

    If you’ve rarely (or never) been exposed to the construction process, you’d be surprised to find out just how much work goes into the parts you never see.  One thing I was always fascinated by early in my career was just how much temporary construction had to be put in place before the actual building components could be […]
  • the pink pedway

    While visiting the recently completed Grand Campus Communities this week – we were pleasantly surprised to find the Lancaster Pedestrian Bridge all decked out in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  We’re so proud to see Eastern Kentucky University making use of the bridge in more ways than just for travel… especially when it’s for […]
  • we’re just getting started

    We are absolutely EXTATIC to announce the next Designer in the i/A team – Nicholas “Holmes” Holmes.  A Kentucky native, Holmes joins us from the University of Oregon, followed up with several years of experience in the Architectural and Construction industry.  His creativity, experience, (and deductive reasoning capabilities?) are sure to add tremendous value to our […]
  • i/A @play – a family affair

    PARK(ing) Day was a rousing success this year.  Not only did the ice wall prove to be beautiful in form, but also in performance.  The 4,000 pounds of vanishing wall was used to keep our “Kentucky Proud” stock of Highbridge Springs water cold all day long.  And thanks to some dedicated family volunteers – even […]
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