• CBDang that’s a big site

    Dang. It’s one thing to see it in drawings, but quite another to see GenCanna’s new Mayfield complex coming out of the ground.  The scale of the construction site is exceeded only by the scale of their future operations.  By the fall of this year, GenCanna will be preparing for full production – processing Kentucky-grown […]
  • rhythm & blues

    It’s AMAZING to finally see Whitaker Pharmacy beginning to show its finished form.  We had a lot of fun working through the conceptual design of this building, and we’re excited to see so much of the concept showing through with such clarity.
  • horse power

    horse power

    USEF, our beloved experts of equines, are beginning to see what their new home is going to feel like.  Upon hitting the roundabout at the mouth of the Kentucky Horse Park, the powerful new office space will welcome any and all who want to learn what it means to “break the shield.” Just in time […]
  • fortunately – we love to drive

    Ok – a little peek inside the machine of an architectural firm… When marketing services, firms often like to boast about how they are “working near you!”.  Well, we don’t really like the word “boast”, but in this case – we just might have to. As of this moment – we have A LOT of […]
  • it’s a sign

    In case you had ever become suddenly confused as to your exact location on the banks of the Ohio River just a few meandering miles Southwest of Louisville, you no longer have to worry. Owensboro now has its handle and crest displayed loud and proud along Second Street, peeking out over the river.  Once completed, […]
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