• deja vu

    It seems like only yesterday we all braved the winter chill (of 2012) to watch two monstrous concrete members being set into place.  It was an impressive site – a towering crane delicately swinging beams weighing in at 72,000 pounds (EACH) with  laser precision. Well – in the (near) winter of 2016 – Prestress Services […]
  • pedway 2.0

    Eastern Kentucky University recently held their Fall 2016 convocation where all kinds of swanky new projects were announced. But by far the BEST project unleashed on the Colonel Community (in our very biased opinion) was another Pedestrian Bridge to be located between Keene Hall and Alumni Coliseum over the Eastern Bypass. We had such a […]
  • a campus united

    Well, it’s finally here.  After some incredibly productive (and exhaustive) work from our team, but more importantly, the Trinity staff, we are launching the Phase 1 and Master Plan concepts for Trinity Christian Academy’s new Brannon Road campus. Check out the video to learn more, or click HERE to go to the project page.
  • new ingredients

    Grand Campus Communities – Phase 2 is almost under roof.  Most may take a look at this picture and think – “yeah, looks pretty much the same” – But most would be mistaken.  The twin apartment building is not actually a true identical twin.  While the resulting “look” will be the same, the structural system has been […]
  • phase 2

    phase 2

    Just when you think you get a marquee project completed, you go and start building another 131,000 square feet.  Hey – we’re not complaining!  Grand Campus Communities has not only broken (frozen) ground on a twin apartment building, but we’re building the nearly identical building with a different structural system.  The steel and concrete-plank structure […]
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