• on the (bourbon) trail

    Every so often it becomes absolutely necessary to step outside the daily grind – to extricate your mind from the tediousness of the creative process and give the noggin’s contents a little relief. Today was that day at i/A.  Our noggin relief? A scenic tour, a too-large bus, barrels, bourbon, and burgers.  It was bluegrass […]
  • making (in the real world)

    ACE Series – Ep.3 by: Adam Gillett, AIA, LEED AP One tenet of the ACE national mentoring program mission is Construction: the art & science of making in the real world. Our Lexington chapter hosts two job site field trips per year for students to see construction in-progress and up-close. We were fortunate enough this […]
  • the purpose of education

    Ace Series – Ep.2 by: Adam Gillett What is ACE? ACE is a national mentoring program for students interested in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. You can learn about the organization and history at AceMentor.org – I don’t wish to repeat what they’ve already stated quite well. The more important of the Five Ws for me […]
  • don’t be a tool, be a toolkit

    don’t be a tool, be a toolkit

    ACE Series – Ep.1 by: Adam Gillett When I mentor ACE of the Bluegrass students I recall lessons that have stuck with me through my own education, and reflect on why they did. I often think of the simple, elegant analogy used by one of my college professors: the Architect’s skills and talents can be […]
  • a season of hope

    Turn off the news. Just for a moment – set aside the circus of politics and the continual stream of tragedy and violence that has dominated this season of thankfulness.  Just for a moment – focus on hope – and on an organization right here in central Kentucky that is working hard to provide it […]
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