• #TeamIntegrity

    Here’s the thing. The architectural profession is incredibly complicated.  Our first priority has nothing to do with designing pretty buildings, doing drawings, building models, or any of those fun types of things.  First and foremost it’s about the health and safety of people.  It’s also about responsibility, the organization of countless pieces and parts, paperwork, […]

    i/A is seeking qualified applicants for a new, full-time, Construction Administrator position: Position Details: • Minimum 10 years of experience • Accredited Architectural Degree, Architectural Construction degree, or Building Construction degree preferred • Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills • Must have experience with and knowledge of current trends in industry software and processes […]
  • Studio Sessions Vol.7

    Adam Gillett est. January 2013 How would one describe Adam?  Well, it’s really difficult – and that’s why we’re going to let him describe himself!  Adam has now been with i/A for FIVE years… and to be perfectly honest – he has become an enormous asset to everyone on the team.  Between his seemingly limitless […]
  • hallelujah

    Holiday hymns may not be echoing off the halls of Akers Auditorium this Christmas, but echoes of songs soon sung are already bouncing off the newly refurbished walls. Lighting, flooring, and (not pictured) seats are now going into the historic hall.  This long-overdue refresh of the space is coming along beautifully and should be open […]
  • tvz is magic #11

    Eleven.  Not only is this number the name of a truly awesome TV show character, it’s now also the official designation of TVZ.  Let me explain… In the six years or so since our 11/11/11 founding, we’ve now officially added our 11th Team Member – Ted Van Zee. Ted’s not your typical Lexington/UK Grad… he […]
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