Christmas every day

If you’re like me, you know how difficult it is to remember what the Holiday season is supposed to be about… particularly during the Holiday season.  Work piles up behind you as you frantically try and finish up before you take that desperately needed few days off.  You’re practicing your stiff-arm technique in preparation for the shopping rush.  The anxiety seems to rise higher than any snowfall (or more likely rain).

THANKFULLY – for us at least – we get a consistent reminder, nearly every day, of what the Holiday season is all about.  It’s about giving, it’s about what we can do for someone else.  No matter what joy we feel escapes us as stress continues to rise, we can always give a little joy to someone else.  And in doing so, we can capture some for ourselves.

It’s Christmas every single day at the Hope Center.  The staff and volunteers give with reckless abandon – every day.  Every dollar – and every minute – that is given is converted to joy, hope, and a second chance for someone else.

This year – thanks to all our friends and clients – we’re able to make another contribution to their cause.

So thanks to all of you for your business, your trust, and your generosity – it means more than you know.

Happy Holidays!!