deja vu

It seems like only yesterday we all braved the winter chill (of 2012) to watch two monstrous concrete members being set into place.  It was an impressive site – a towering crane delicately swinging beams weighing in at 72,000 pounds (EACH) with  laser precision.

Well – in the (near) winter of 2016 – Prestress Services is at it again.

After an unfortunate accident this summer, the original beams were damaged beyond repair.  It should be noted that circumstances surrounding the accident were bizarre (to say the least) and fortunately no one was hurt.  And even though the bridge was designed and constructed to exceed height clearance and safety requirements, as Dr. Ian Malcolm once stated, “Life finds a way.”

So here we are, the cleanup and structural integrity checks have been completed, and the lonely towers are finally being reunited.

Photographer Mark Combs of Prestress Services was on site and captured these awesome images of the round two installation – very well, we might add.  This time, though, the beams had to be set in place with the towers already constructed.  These guys literally put the toothpaste back in the tube. (Applause.)

As unfortunate as the need for new beams has been – we are all incredibly excited to see such a marvelous feat of engineering and teamwork.  It took a lot of energy, patience, and effort from a lot of people to get the Lancaster Bridge back to this point.  And we’re happy that one of our favorite projects is soon to be whole once again.