justin white is here.

We’re one heavier – and justin time too because we’re getting super busy around here.

Also – please forgive the pun. Pun rhymes with fun, and fun is what we like to create in our workaholic lives.

And fun is EXACTLY what we’re having now that we’ve just added our newest team member – UK graduate, Justin White.

Justin may be a green stick in the professional realm of architecture, but he has already proven to bring wisdom beyond his years.  Not only is he teaching our office full of old dogs some new tricks, he’s already exploring new ways to supplement his architectural know-how with some new tricks of his own.  From new design tools and techniques to creative writing, he’s striking quite a balance within the studio.

We’re extremely excited to be a continually growing company – made possible by our increasingly lengthening list of great clients – but we’re even more excited that Justin White has stepped up to fill the newest role…