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  • Studio Sessions Vol.11

    Ted Van Zee est. December 2017 Our final episode of Season ONE of Studio Sessions is upon us.  And appropriately, we have saved our biggest mystery for last. Mr. Theodore Van Zee, the quiet enigma of the of the office.  He is the proverbial duck in water… calm and quiet up top with furiously paddling […]
  • Christmas every day

    Christmas every day

    If you’re like me, you know how difficult it is to remember what the Holiday season is supposed to be about… particularly during the Holiday season.  Work piles up behind you as you frantically try and finish up before you take that desperately needed few days off.  You’re practicing your stiff-arm technique in preparation for […]
  • rhythm & blues

    It’s AMAZING to finally see Whitaker Pharmacy beginning to show its finished form.  We had a lot of fun working through the conceptual design of this building, and we’re excited to see so much of the concept showing through with such clarity.
  • Studio Sessions Vol.10

    Erin Engler…Stoffer est. June 2017 Erin Edith Engler.  Not only is she one of our newest and wittiest stars – she possesses a handle of such uncommon glory that the sky is literally the limit with respect to her available nicknames.  EEE.  It’s wonderful. But alas, she went and got herself married to (the wildly […]
  • horse power

    horse power

    USEF, our beloved experts of equines, are beginning to see what their new home is going to feel like.  Upon hitting the roundabout at the mouth of the Kentucky Horse Park, the powerful new office space will welcome any and all who want to learn what it means to “break the shield.” Just in time […]
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