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  • dry fall and fly

    Dry fall paint is taking over the exposed ceiling structure at Mix on Vine.  This is a sneak peak at the “Fly” aerial yoga studio.  The crisp white treatment of the walls and ceiling, blended with the warm wood flooring and cool natural light will undoubtedly make for a soothing space to defy gravity.  This […]
  • ok, UK – u win.

    While only with us for the summer, intern Nikki Challita certainly made an impact.  Hey UK students!  If you’re curious about how to throw down like an architectural champ from day one, just ask this young woman – she made it look easy.  And while we are sorry to see her go, we are certain […]
  • all aboard!

    Our favorite local locomotive team is about to start punching tickets for their brand new Lexington Dinner Train!  The RJ Corman Railroad Group will kick off the brand new (yet still age-old) dining experience NEXT WEEK, August 14th.  So go ahead and get your tickets because i/A will be riding too, and we’re pretty hungry.
  • pool party

    One day before the official arrival of the first student residents, the the clubhouse at GCC is ready for activity.  The pool is heated, swept, the grills are gassed up, and weights in the fitness center are begging to be lifted.  If you’re curious where the i/A team will be this weekend, then you clearly […]
  • multifaceted

    Ziegler Glass has truly outdone themselves.  From the image you can see how neutral tones from the mortar create a wonderful texture that blends with the masonry on the exterior.  But from the interior, a whole new experience is to be had; the color-rich multifaceted glass crosses set the tone for the windows in the […]
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