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  • a campus united

    Well, it’s finally here.  After some incredibly productive (and exhaustive) work from our team, but more importantly, the Trinity staff, we are launching the Phase 1 and Master Plan concepts for Trinity Christian Academy’s new Brannon Road campus. Check out the video to learn more, or click HERE to go to the project page.
  • the purpose of education

    Ace Series – Ep.2 by: Adam Gillett What is ACE? ACE is a national mentoring program for students interested in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. You can learn about the organization and history at – I don’t wish to repeat what they’ve already stated quite well. The more important of the Five Ws for me […]
  • second life

    We’re not exactly saying what or where this project is… or maybe we will.. Ok – it’s Willies Locally Known.  Here’s a small taste from our Interiors guru: To fit with our ‘barn meets modern’ concept, we exclusively selected finishes and materials that would have been used while building a farm structure. The restaurant features […]
  • big program / Minnie space

    If anyone ever asks you whether or not it’s possible to pack a lot of stuff into a Minnie package, tell them yes… so long as you’re referring to the new Minnie, KY Library. We were honored – nay, pumped – when the Floyd County Library Board asked us to help them determine if they could […]
  • don’t be a tool, be a toolkit

    don’t be a tool, be a toolkit

    ACE Series – Ep.1 by: Adam Gillett When I mentor ACE of the Bluegrass students I recall lessons that have stuck with me through my own education, and reflect on why they did. I often think of the simple, elegant analogy used by one of my college professors: the Architect’s skills and talents can be […]
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