Coliseum Plaza

Project Details
Contemporary, Renovations, Restaurant, Retail
Spring 2017
Coliseum Plaza
Spectrum Contracting, Lee Thomas (Photography)
Project Description

Coliseum Plaza is one of those landmark University properties.  It’s in the middle of everything and houses basic college necessities: A coffee shop, a burger joint, a Chinese restaurant, and a liquor store.

While the building has been the focal point of Euclid and Rose for decades, it’s largely gone unnoticed – it has blended into the background.  As a particularly underwhelming building, it presented a handful of challenges in coming up with cost-effective solutions for dressing it up and bringing it into the 21st century.

Through the modifications of paint, new veneer paneling, a decorative sign screen, and a “jewel box” addition (now BurgerFi), our team managed to do just that – bring it into the digital age.

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