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Contemporary, Fit-ups, Office, Renovations
Spring 2015
Veterinary Data Services, Inc.
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Kebco Construction, Poage Engineers, E-Tech Consultants
Project Description

Veterinary Data Services, Inc. (VetData) is one of our more progressive clients.  And in case you didn’t know – we love progressive.

VetData also performs a vital service within their market (the veterinary market – duh) that is a little beyond our ability to explain to you here, so we’ll let them do it:

Data Conversion – We’ve been doing this a long time for a lot of different companies, and have helped some of the biggest names in the business get to where they are today. Our team has converted from virtually every practice management software released in the US and Canada, and a good number of others from around the world…

Data Integration – We have taken our knowledge of practice management systems and refined it until we can consistently and reliably extract the most important parts of a clinic’s data in a near real time environment. We build solutions that are automated, auto updating, and faster than other solutions out there.  They can run in the background or in the middle of the night, eliminating the time and expense required to print and fax reports…

Support Services – Sometimes things just don’t work.  It happens to everyone. Our experience in conversion and integration has taught us that the devil is in the details. So, we built a team of dedicated support people who can tackle the toughest of problems.  We welcome opportunities to leverage our knowledge of all things veterinary to help you make and support a better product…  

(We encourage you to check out their website for more information and to see how much fun they are)

So in a nut shell – they provide top quality services that most people, us included, could NOT provide (even a little bit).  But what the above info does NOT convey – which we will now do – is how great their new office space is going to be.

VetData approached i/A with one goal in mind:  Design a cool space which facilitates our workstyle/lifestyle, facilitates our expansion needs, and is an outright expression of our attitude and collective personality.

We are in the early schematic design phase of planning their new 14,000 square foot office space.  The primary programmatic goal is to provide an open studio workspace where everyone works together, while at the same time providing privacy spaces for one or more team members to gather in a more secluded environment.

The other (possibly more important) goal is to provide shared spaces that allow the entire team to gather together and eat/drink/be merry.  The mess hall, bar, and lounge provide space for all of those things (and much, much more).

This project will no doubt become one of our most interesting (and awesome) to-date, but there is FAR too much to say about the design to be written here (for the time being).  So keep checking in from time to time to find out more… it’s coming….

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