Nick Wiley, AIA

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professional bio

Nick was the very first person hired at i/A after the company was founded.  His wit, kind eyes, and home-grown face scarf have been an essential part of our operation from the beginning.  And while his temperament is not typically as large as the 10-gallon hat he (unfortunately) doesn’t wear, his creativity is as big and powerful as his native land. A true creative, Nick has spent his career honing and refining his craft, always improving, always pushing the bounds of what our firm is capable of creating.  Without him, we’d be less bearded, less Texas, and all around less awesome.

professional stats

Role / Project Architect
Registrations / Kentucky
Education / University of Texas (Austin)
Organizations / AIA, NCARB

words of wisdom

“Form ever follows function.” -Louis Henry Sullivan
“Less is a bore.” -Robert Venturi
“Commodity, firmness, delight.” – Vitruvius
“Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.” -Adolf Loos

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