Here’s the thing.

The architectural profession is incredibly complicated.  Our first priority has nothing to do with designing pretty buildings, doing drawings, building models, or any of those fun types of things.  First and foremost it’s about the health and safety of people.  It’s also about responsibility, the organization of countless pieces and parts, paperwork, deadlines, specifications, and all the incredible stresses that come with those other things.

So why do we do what we do?  Well, that’s a whole other conversation for a different day – but trust me – it’s definitely worth it.

One of the ways we help MAKE it worth it is by carving out a handful of moments to blow off steam, have some fun, be ourselves, and let those true colors fly. Our new Team Page on our website has now been outfitted with a little extra information on what makes each and every #TeamIntegrity member special.

Check out our TEAM PAGE to get the full experience…