thank you for your service

Every now and again a special type of project comes along.  Actually – “project” is the wrong word – I think cause is more appropriate.

In Architecture school, as students, you get to work on these fantastic and ideological, hypothetical projects – things that you almost never get the opportunity to do in the real world.  Fortunately for us, however, we’ve been given that opportunity – that great cause.

A group of war veteran’s from Madison County approached us to help them realize their dream of creating a memorial for Madison County – Kentucky – and indeed ALL veterans.  The memorial is to honor those from World War 1 all the way to today’s Global War on Terror.  As a result of that project, we were also given the opportunity to work with the Madison County Government on creating a sister project of a gathering space and amphitheater that would serve the entire community – all on the same property.

This week we had the honor of presenting the design concept for the Madison County Veteran’s Memorial and Amphitheater to the Madison County fiscal court.  To say that it had the same feeling as those impassioned college design reviews is an understatement.  It was fun and it was powerful.

It was amazing to have the chance to use our skills to serve our veterans.  It seemed fitting, seeing as how they’ve already used their skills to serve us.