the purpose of education

Ace Series – Ep.2
by: Adam Gillett

What is ACE? ACE is a national mentoring program for students interested in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering.

You can learn about the organization and history at – I don’t wish to repeat what they’ve already stated quite well. The more important of the Five Ws for me to address is WHY.

Why am I involved with ACE of the Bluegrass? I became interested in the organization when I returned to Lexington in 2013 – I had been looking for a way to give back to the community that has taught me so much about design and construction, and the effect that it can have. And personally, since my family has a legacy of teaching, mentoring seemed like a very natural way to contribute.

ACE allows students to see the processes of design & construction, explore some of that practice through year-long iterative projects, and work in teams to achieve larger goals. Because ACE mentors are all professionals in the field, students can also see how those same processes work between the mentors – the construction site field trips, in particular, give the students perspective into how and why professionals collaborate.

ACE is a great way for students to learn by example, by exposure, and by doing. My hope is that students should leave the program with a sense of accomplishment and be empowered to make a choice about their future education and career.

“The purpose of education is to create a better human being.” – Lynn Westfall (Uncle), 1939-2003