tvz is magic #11

Eleven.  Not only is this number the name of a truly awesome TV show character, it’s now also the official designation of TVZ.  Let me explain…

In the six years or so since our 11/11/11 founding, we’ve now officially added our 11th Team Member – Ted Van Zee.

Ted’s not your typical Lexington/UK Grad… he comes to us by way of Western Kentucky University and Southern Illinois University – bringing some subtle new flavors to our creative and professional processes.

In his brief stint so far as our newest Architectural Designer, he’s already brought some new and exciting perspectives to the team.  And in case you didn’t know – we love shiny, new perspectives.

But as you know we’re also a family – and that means that we don’t just get Ted, we also have the honor of adding his wife – Mattea – and his two kids – Isaac and Luke to our extended family.  The special bonus cherry on top??? Mattea sent Ted to work today with some homemade chili…  #luckyfirm.

Welcome aboard Ted…