fortunately – we love to drive

Ok – a little peek inside the machine of an architectural firm…

When marketing services, firms often like to boast about how they are “working near you!”.  Well, we don’t really like the word “boast”, but in this case – we just might have to.

As of this moment – we have A LOT of projects under construction.  Not only is construction one of the more exciting parts of our jobs – literally seeing drawings come to life – but it’s also one of the most important – as you can imagine.  This part of the job requires some regular attention and visits to see how the construction is coming along – being on hand to help coordinate and confirm various conditions and items with the Owners and Contractors.  Obviously – this involves hopping in the car – fresh cup of joe in-hand, tunes playing on the radio – and hitting the road.

Well – in this particular case, at this particular moment – we are quite literally working near just about everyone in the state of Kentucky.  The map above shows – not the sum total of our project locations – just the projects that are being built as we speak.  We are covering a lot of ground, criss-crossing the state, visiting projects of all types – from churches, homes, civic structures, office buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores – could go on.

The best part of getting to see these beautiful buildings coming to life?  Getting to see our beautiful state along the way.

Sometimes it’s great to be an Architect, but often it’s even better to be a resident of the Bluegrass…