We believe that transparency with our clients builds trust; trust builds relationships, and those relationships build projects. We believe quality should be the standard and not the exception. We believe communication is key, and efficiency depends on it. We believe in delivery – we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Above all, we believe in working with honesty and passion.

The integrity ARCHITECTURE team has designed more than 6.2 million square feet of project space for clients across a variety of markets. Fueled by their passion for architectural design and providing unparalleled customer service to their clients, our team has quickly and successfully grown integrity ARCHITECTURE into one of the most trusted firms in the region.

We understand that designs are only successful if we’re able to bring them to our clients quickly, efficiently, and clearly. Our team has established an immersive design process that utilizes state-of-the-art three-dimensional (3D) Building Information Modeling (BIM) and hyper-realistic renderings to construct and communicate easy-to-understand project designs to owners. This technology helps you, the owner, stay better informed throughout all stages of design.

By creating a fully-immersive design experience for our clients that includes 3D rendering and virtual reality technology, we have significantly enhanced and streamlined project collaboration.

From the earliest phase of a project, our clients can virtually step into their project space and experience it firsthand and make informed decisions. We believe technological advancements in design and construction industries must be harnessed to continue improving our processes and to continue to exceed our client’s expectations.


iA is built upon our unique take on a studio-organized firm. Each studio takes on a wide range of project types and phases of work. Instead of having any one person or group focus on a specific type of project, our studios are designed to impart our work with a balanced approach and skill set.


Our studio culture is a reflection of the individuals we are. Because each of our team members possess unique talents, qualities, and tastes, we collaborate as a group with each new project. This method ensures that we explore more possibilities, infuse more character, and bring a more cohesive design to our clients.  We want iA designs to inspire, and to do that, we utilize our greatest resource – our creative diversity.


We take our team (i.e. family) chemistry very seriously, but we’re always on the lookout for future teammates. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we encourage you to reach out! For those interested in joining the iA Team, simply send your CV to

Studio Sessions Vol.16

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