Congratulations, dear friends!  You have found your way to our very first reveal of the iA Christmas Shirt – 2020 edition.  So why now?  After several years of custom AG Original threads, why reveal them now?


Simple.  Because if we’re going to make sure 2021 is a better experience, we need to start it off with a very good, figurative, bang.


2020’s shirt design is based on the poster art of some of the best and most well-known pieces of film ever made.  Each staff member has been lovingly reimagined into their own movie ad – and the results are astonishing.


So why does he do it?  We asked Adam Gillett exactly that…


Adam Gillett:  When I joined the iA team almost 8 years ago, I immediately had a sense of belonging. Partly because it was (at the time) a young company – but also a group of individuals who’s professional demeanor aligned with my own. Every day since then I have been thankful to that initial group, and the team that has grown out of it into the present day.

I have always wanted to celebrate that appreciation – although iA has its own identity as a company, it is the individuals that make that identity so incorruptible, sound, and complete. So when it was close to Christmas one year, I realized I could show the team members they were stars in their own right by referring to my own personal history of people, groups, heroes, etc. I knew growing up.

Out of that came one homage in the form of a tour t-shirt. In the years that followed, it became a tradition of mine to design a t-shirt for team members they could enjoy as a token of the appreciation I have for each of them. Some are homages, while others recognize our current accomplishments and “real life” identities. While I recognize our individuality far exceeds any homage, I actually tend to think of our “real lives” as merely secret identities for the heroes I’m surrounded by every day.




Aaron Bivens, Principal
“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
TM & Copyright 1989 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Original Artwork by Drew Struzan


Adam Gillett, Project Architect
Copyright 1985 Re-Animator Productions, Inc.
Original Artwork by Unknown


Carissa Nolasco, Office Manager
“Adventures in Babysitting”
Copyright 1987 Touchstone Pictures
Original Artwork by Drew Struzan


Carrie Hendrickson, Interior Designer
Copyright 1984 Universal City Studios, Inc.
Original Artwork by Unknown


Celia Moore, Project Manager
Copyright 1985 Labyrinth Enterprises
Original Artwork by Steven Chorney


Joey Nolasco, Principal / Co-Founder
“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”
TM & Copyright 1984 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Original Artwork by Bruce Wolfe


Joe Rasnick, Principal / Co-Founder
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” (Indiana Jones)
TM & Copyright 1982 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Original Artwork by Drew Struzan


Justin White, Project Manager
“The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”
Trademark 1984 Sherwood Productions Inc. / Copyright 1984 20th Century Fox
Original Artwork by Unknown


Sam Montgomery, Project Architect
“Blade Runner”
Copyright 1982 The Ladd Company
Original Artwork by Drew Struzan