If you’re studying for the ARE (an Architect’s official licensing exam), then first and foremost – I’m sorry.

Secondly, if you haven’t heard of Black Spectacles then you need to get familiar because it’s definitely a help in navigating the rigors of registration.

‘Black Specs’ is an online resource that contains hundreds of hours of video lectures, practice exams, helpful articles, and even a podcast and live webinar series.  It’s the latter that we’ll be focusing on today.  Why? Because yours truly is a panelist in the newest episode, of course!

In this webisode, three architects discuss how they navigated the testing process while also raising young children.  It’s an overwhelming concept to get around your head… studying for six or seven multi-hour-long tests over a period of months or even years – all while dealing with little ones demanding every ounce of attention.

Should you feel up for an hour-long lecture on taking tests… here you go!