Introducing Associate Architects: Adam Gillett and Celia Moore


Concluding a series of recent promotion announcements, we are honored to share that Adam Gillett, AIA, LEED AP and Celia Moore, AIA, CID, LEED AP, have been promoted to Associate Architects at integrity ARCHITECTURE.

The Associate Architects join firm owners Joey Nolasco and Joe Rasnick in managing the overall operations of the firm and each has a leadership role in senior management and client relations. A natural progression for both Adam and Celia, their roles will take on pivotal market-focused responsibilities as Adam leads the firm’s judicial/civic market pursuits and Celia leads the firm’s K-12/higher education market pursuits. Inwardly, their new roles will provide invaluable leadership support and develop personalized opportunities for professional growth for iA team members.

Adam Gillett has been with integrity ARCHITECTURE for more than a decade and has led integrity’s development in the judicial and civic markets. A true representation of servant leadership, Adam strives to always be available to his clients and fellow teammates and lends a helping hand whenever needed. Beyond the firm, Adam mentors for the ACE of the Bluegrass Mentor Program, which supports high school students interested in pursuing careers in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry.

“Having spent over a decade with integrity, I’ve gained valuable perspective on how the company functions, where we’ve been, and where we are headed. Thinking about transitioning into this new leadership role, I appreciate the level of trust the principals and clients have placed in me and the amount of support I’ve received from the entire staff,” Adam said.

Celia Moore joined integrity ARCHITECTURE in 2019, bolstering the firm’s educational portfolio. Since joining the firm, she has contributed to an exponential growth in iA’s K-12 and higher education projects and will continue fostering this momentum. Beyond the firm, Celia participates in local organizations that support women leadership and professional development.

“There is still an underrepresentation of women in the AEC industry. There are many things a firm can do to support women in our field, whether that’s mentoring emerging professionals or defining clear paths for leadership. I’m looking forward to further developing our firm’s existing efforts in this particular area and introducing new ideas as we continue to grow,” Celia said.

In a concluding reflection of their recent promotion, Celia comments, “Having and influential role in this new chapter for integrity is not something Adam or I take lightly. As two people who have invested ourselves into this firm, it’s an honor to be given the opportunity to serve our team in these critical leadership positions.”

Please join us in celebrating our newest leadership staff.