Project Description

    First Christian Church Community Center Expansion
    Richmond, KY

  • TEAM
    WG&T Builders, Brown+Kubican, Matt Wooley Photography


In early 2012 the congregation of First Christian Church determined that an expansion was needed to provide more classroom and office spaces for its growing family, as well as large gathering spaces. The facility was designed by i/A to incorporate historic relics (including faceted glass) into a new design with an open space and inviting environment. Our goal was to provide an architectural response which incorporates opportunities for public interaction as well as smaller quiet spaces for reflection.

Our primary goal for the design was that it blend seamlessly with the existing Church and provide new and modern functions to accommodate future growth. The greatest challenge was coordinating project details with several different Ownership committees.

In 2013, the First Christian Church Community Center Expansion project was awarded a Bernease Walters Beautification Award by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, along with integrity/Architecture’s Grand Campus Communities project.

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