Lexington, KY

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    Crawford Builders, Shaun Ring (Photos)


1312 is a guest residence and pool house addition to an existing family farm home located on the outskirts of Lexington. The owners wanted a versatile space that could accommodate a large number of guests while also serving as a self-sustained living suite for more long-term guests. Designed to complement the classic elements of the existing home’s architecture, the guest house’s detailing pays homage to the surrounding context. Using elements such as a hand-cut stone chimney and water table, reclaimed barn wood accents, and a wide covered porch are just a few of the ways we accomplished that task.

Studio Sessions Vol.16

November 9th, 2023|

DeTroy Price est. August 31, 2022 Driven, dauntless, hard working, persistent, uplifting, a pro source on where to find the best hot wings... these are just a few of the key things that come to ...