Project Description

    Johnson County Library Board
    Paintsville, KY


i/A was selected by the Johnson County Library board to initially aid them in a full interior renovation. After reviewing their programing needs it was decided that a small addition would solve multiple issues. The addition, while only 715 square feet, enabled the library to have an inviting, ADA-compliant, public vestibule from the rear parking lot with sliding glass doors providing a new source of natural light into the main library stacks. The addition is also composed of a small multipurpose room that allowed an interior art room to be relocated, freeing up space for much-needed staff offices.

The exterior improvements included all new roofing, window glazing, and FRP architectural embellishments. The interior was completely reconstructed with new flooring, wall treatments, ceilings and LED lighting. The staff breakroom was enlarged, and all new casework and employee lockers were added.

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