Project Description

    Scott King
    Hazard, KY
  • TEAM
    Poage Engineering & Associates


Branding with Architectural design can leave a strong impression when done with class and simplicity. Scott King is the owner and operator of King Pharmacy. Scott has great vision and a clear sense of taste for good design. We worked with Scott to establish a design that was simple yet created a strong opportunity for branding the pharmacy. This concept had to be adaptable to multiple locations and achievable in a one or two story building type.

King Pharmacy is an example of our ability to economically blend architecture and brand identity with a clear and simple design approach. Scott’s business was well established in the area prior to this new design, but his traffic has increased over two fold once the re-branding was completed. Good design and good service has made this investment payback. King Pharmacy operates in multiple locations across southern and eastern Kentucky.

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