Eastern Kentucky University
    Richmond, KY
  • TEAM
    WG&T Builders, Poage Engineering & Associates, Vision Engineering


The Lancaster Pedestrian Bridge is a new thoroughfare spanning over Lancaster Avenue in downtown Richmond, KY. The pedway connects Eastern Kentucky University’s campus with the new Grand Campus Apartments and neighboring University parking area. Not only does the bridge provide safe passage for students, it also creates a powerful gateway and statement for the University. At each end are twin circulation towers.

The solid masonry halves which carry the 80 foot concrete beams also act as elevator towers. The transparent glass portions contain the steel stairways and provide 100% visibility of people moving through the space. At night, the elegant curved roof and LED lighting systems allow the bridge to function as a beacon for passersby, fostering the idea that the Lancaster Pedestrian Bridge is more than just a path of travel – it’s an experience.

Promotion Announcement: Emily Browning, Marketing Manager

March 9th, 2023|

Promotion Announcement: Emily Browning, Marketing Manager We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Emily Browning to the position of Marketing Manager at integrity ARCHITECTURE. This promotion reflects her hard work, dedication, and excellent results in ...