Project Description


If you haven’t been able to tell by now, this project is a little different than typical examples of project experience. Welcome to i/A’s Library of Tomorrow.

As the world around us continues to advance and modernize, the architectural community circulated a lot of theories about what would happen to our society’s public libraries. Would the entire system collapse under the weight of new technologies? Or would our informational infrastructure adapt in new ways? Thankfully, we’re seeing the latter.

In terms of pure design and placemaking, Public Libraries are unique. Gone are the days when these spaces were limited to the wealthy elite and highly educated. Now they tend to function as community hubs and a conduit through which many of society’s community members and families learn, grow, and interact in an increasingly expensive world.

What began as a personal experiment by firm principal Joe Rasnick, quickly developed into an invaluable learning experience.

After surveying dozens of public libraries throughout Kentucky regarding the role they play in their surrounding community, our team created this hypothetical design.

This library represents the idea that certain communities should be able to rely on their local library for essential functions. It would be a facility locals could count on for critical assistance, a center of connection with others, and would be designed to be adaptable to an always evolving world.

Over the past couple of years, i/A has been systematically revisiting the concept to continue to explore new design and construction methods, materials, and program elements.

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations – this is just one example.

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