Project Description

    Rockcastle County
    Mt. Vernon, KY
    Civic, Planning


Soon to be located in the heart of Renfro Valley outside Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, the Rockcastle County Veteran’s Memorial Park (RCVM) will be a place of quiet reflection, remembrance, and celebration, as well as a hub for education about the cost of freedom that has spanned more than 200 years. The park has been designed to house dedicated monuments to every major conflict in which the US has participated – from the Revolutionary War to the ongoing War on Terror. Flags and markers also fly to recognize the five primary branches of the armed services.

The park is designed in two main sections, separated by an open greenspace. To the east is the quieter, contemplative space, each anchored by a reflecting pool with a bronze soldier’s cross – the gear modeled on the military attire of the day. Across the greenspace, linked by a narrow stream of water, is a large walking path flanked by a series of stone walls. Each wall is constructed of Mt. Vernon’s locally quarried limestone and is mounted with bronze plaques describing the events of each war.

A pool of water, originating at the top of the site beneath the flags of the armed forces, flows slightly downhill, feeding the reflecting pools as it goes, finally coming to rest at the bottom of the site in a large reflecting pool containing the American, Kentucky, and POW flags. Narrow gaps are cut through walls at each end of the site for one purpose. So that the younger generations visiting the learning side of the park can peak through the wall, following the water, and catch a glimpse of the monuments on the other side.

The Soldier Stone: A simple Soldier’s Cross has been designed for each monument location, and is to be constructed by local artisans. While the soldiers cross has not been a practiced ritual throughout our country’s many wars and conflicts, it is a powerful image and something instantly recognizable to passersby.

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