The Hope Center
    Lexington, KY

  • TEAM
    Spectrum Contracting Services, Palmer Engineering, AFA Engineering, Poage Engineering & Associates, Lee Thomas Photography


The Hope Center is a Lexington-based non-profit that does many things for many people, but the primary service they offer is assistance in rebuilding the lives of those who need help. That’s why the iA team was particularly excited about being a part of this project. The facility serves as a community gathering space for the Hope Center’s many patrons, providing several different rooms for meetings, events, and general accommodations for regular activities. The upper levels contain nearly 50 apartment units for the permanent housing of men who are officially in recovery.

The Hope Center wished to convey their belief that everyone deserves a quality home, regardless of past or present lifestyle choices or economic status. The Project was federally funded through several grants as well as through the Kentucky Housing Corporation. In 2019, the facility was named Lexington’s first federal Department of Housing and Urban Development “Envision Center” – a rare designation indicating the federal government’s endorsement of its programs and impact in the community.

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