Project Description

    University of Pikeville
    Pikeville, KY
    Education, Interiors
  • TEAM
    Lee Thomas Photography, Connolly Consulting, University of Pikeville


The University of Pikeville (UPike) is perched along multiple hillsides in the heart of Pikeville, Kentucky. With a rapidly growing student body and list of class offerings, the University had steadily been working toward expanding and improving its architectural infrastructure. This project included renovating the 3rd and 4th floor of an existing campus building which transformed the overcrowded Elliott Nursing School’s Simulation Laboratory facility into a multi-level, state of the art environment that raises the bar for simulation learning environments across the country.

The primary programmed space included an extremely detailed and realistic hospital environment as well as a General Skills Lab capable of accommodating up to 50 students. Approximately 50% of the project program is student lounge, study and meeting space where students can gather, collaborate on projects and study. With students typically spending the bulk of their days in and out of the lab environment, the project was designed to accommodate outside-the-classroom functions as well as typical instructional functions.

Over time, UPike’s goal is to incorporate the entire nursing program into the four-story facility.

“Tin”-Year Anniversary

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breakout activated

March 22nd, 2021|

Ever wonder how architects work towards the construction of their projects? Imagining huge buildings full of drafting boards and T-squares? Not us. Don't get me wrong, nothing beats some fresh paper and a cup full ...