USA Drone Port
    Hazard, KY
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    Shrout Tate Wilson, Bacon Farmer Workman


USA Drone Port is a state-of-the-art organization focused on the testing and advancement of aerial drone technology and equipment. The team of dedicated men and women are continually adding to the list of services that can be performed by drones, emerging as a nationally recognized voice in the industry.

The new indoor flight facility, currently in Construction Documents phase, is planned to be the largest of its kind in the country and will provide indoor testing space for individuals, companies, organizations, or military agencies to utilize. As part of the project, the Design Team is also designing and engineering a unique, All-Weather testing laboratory which will provide operators the ability to simulate drone flight in a variety of different weather and climate conditions such as rain, high winds, dust and debris-laden winds, and rapid swings in temperature and humidity.

Along with the indoor spaces, the project also includes a runway extension and a caged outdoor flight space.

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