Veterinary Data Services, Inc.
    Lexington, KY

    Commercial, Interiors
  • TEAM
    Kebco Construction, Poage Engineering & Associates, E-Tech Consultants


VetData approached i/A with one goal in mind: Design a cool space that facilitates their workstyle/lifestyle, meets their expansion needs, and is an outright expression of our attitude and collective personality.

The primary programmatic goal is to provide an open studio workspace where everyone works together, while at the same time providing privacy spaces for one or more team members to gather in a more secluded environment. The other goal is to provide shared spaces that allow the entire team to gather together and eat/drink/be merry. The mess hall, bar, and lounge provide space for all of those things and more.

Studio Sessions Vol.16

November 9th, 2023|

DeTroy Price est. August 31, 2022 Driven, dauntless, hard working, persistent, uplifting, a pro source on where to find the best hot wings... these are just a few of the key things that come to ...