Sam Montgomery

est. June 2014

Sam Montgomery – or “Guns” as we call him – brings a lot to the drafting table at i/A.

Originally from the Louisville – he attended UofL then eventually transferred to the University of Kentucky and earned his Bachelors of Architecture degree.

After spending much of his early career in California, he eventually found his way back to Lexington in the mid-2000’s.

What most people don’t know about Sam is that he has the personality and wit for sales. While at UK, he worked at World Gym and sold over 100 memberships in the span of about a month. He claims it may still be the record to this day – or maybe he’s just selling us…

In his spare time, he likes “picking up heavy weights and putting them down… then repeating.” He enjoys working around the house and practicing with the many guns in his collection.

Sam is also deeply involved in the awareness and efforts of fighting against Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues.

As a project manager (PM), he is responsible for taking a project from initial, schematic design (SD) through the construction process. As PM, he keeps everyone on track and communicates to everyone involved with a project. He meets with state or local jurisdictions to get a building permitted.  First and foremost, however, and keeps in mind the Life, Safety, and Welfare of the public.

When asked what he sees as a recent trend in the construction industry, his first response was the “assisted living” typology – new trends changing the way housing for the elderly is designed. An example that Sam has personal experience with is the Small Home concept currently at Wesley Village in Wilmore, Kentucky. Nationally, the movement is known as “The Green House Project.”

Sam joined us in 2014 – just three years ago – and in that time he has become a vital member of the team.

If you ask him – the aspect  of working at i/A he enjoys most is the “high energy and collaborative working environment.”

Our entire team agrees that we are thankful for Sam’s contribution to the team and his personal dedication to exceeding expectations for clients.

In a business that relies on personal relationships, a strong sense of design, dedication, and sheer effort – Sam excels at all of them.

A few casual facts about Sam:

  • He was a camp counselor at the YMCA for two years while attending the University of Louisville.
  • He has owned 20+ different cars and trucks since the age of 16 – it might be an addiction.
  • He rocked a mullet for many years until the age of 18, but then cut it off and switched to earrings.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say – WHY would you cut off a mullet???