There’s nothing more important than a long-standing tradition – except maybe starting a new one – and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our personal spin on the lapel pin.

If you’ve read through our “elevator pitch” in our Firm Philosophy, you’ll know that the most important thing to our Team is the code of honesty and integrity with which we work, live, and play.  We also do our daily best to hold ourselves and each other accountable.

The i/A Pin is a new tradition that we have set in motion as a symbol of that accountability.

Theyare hand-crafted sterling silver – custom made by Rachel Savane – an AMAZING local jeweler here in Lexington.

A Pin can only be worn by employees of i/A (no clients, no spouses, no kids, no-one but us), but are not given freely to each new Team member upon suiting up – It must be earned over an undetermined period of time in which the newcomer shows that he/she truly stands behind the ideals of the firm.  Once that dedication has been displayed, each and every current Pin-wearing Team member must then unanimously agree to offer the Pin to the new Team member.

Is this a bit cheesy and overly dramatic?  Probably.  We have two responses to that:

1. Give us a break we work inside on computers all day and deserve a little theatrics and some pomp & circumstance.
2. The Pin concept is perfect for us.  Though no one person is perfect, wearing the Pin in both professional and personal settings acts as a reminder to us to remember our mission.  And hopefully, it will help us walk the integrity line a little straighter and with a little more confidence.

So if you’re interested in wearing one, send us your resume and portfolio, show us you’re a team player, then settle in for the long haul…